3M Peltor WorkTunes 26 Digital Radio Hearing Protectors 26 NRR

The Peltor Digital WorkTunes is a classic headset that tunes in Sports and Music!  Give workers the protection they need AND the entertainment they want. Safety never sounded so good. The Peltor Digital WorkTunes 26 features digital tuning to allow you to change stations instantly. NRR of 26 dB and it also limits the volume to a safe level of 82 dB. 


  • Easy Fingertip Controls 
  • 5 Station Presets 
  • Seek and Scan 
  • MP3 Jack and Cord (3.5mm stereo) Included 
  • NRR 26 dB 
  • Gel/Foam Ear Cushions
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
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